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Accident Insurance

No matter how careful and safe you are, accidents can be unavoidable. Should an accident occur, you must be prepared with proper insurance protection. By law, every company must have workers’ comp coverage for any potential injuries that might happen in the workplace. Though it is is not always publicized, this kind of insurance will not protect you from injuries off work premises; even if you claim pain which inhibits an individual to continue working. Purchasing accident insurance can help to fill in all the gaps in your existing coverage.

Accident insurance helps to pay for medical expenses including emergency room and ambulance expenses that regular health insurance will not cover. Savings are often available by bundling policies with one company.

Coverage of this kind has quite a few options and all for a range of premium prices. The higher limit accident insurance policies are designed to cover those who are at a bigger risk of being involved in some kind of an accident, varying by profession. For example: pilots, stock-car drivers, construction and elderly employees all might benefit from this kind of insurance. Some policies offer pay-out benefits to the insured individual’s family if he or she dies on the job. Coverage also includes extreme injury such as temporarily or permanently disability. Most insurance providers will reimburse you in cash for your expenses and depending on the plan, you may have additional hospital and physician choices.

Accident insurance policy can very well be a life-saver in the event of a workplace injury. Contact one of our professionals to see how you can obtain the policy that is perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Get a quote today.