The Home That Cures Addiction

The life-changing organization — Magnolia Women's Recovery Program — gives women a fresh start to live without substance abuse.

These mothers are given a start to a healthy future when they conquer their addictions. Magnolia Women's Recovery Program helps to build the relationship between a mother and child during the recovery stages. Our facilities create safe and supportive setting for the young mothers to conquer their addiction and control their life.

Children deserve to be raised in a safe, substance-free environment. The mothers are able to give their children a healthy home life at the completion of the recovery program.

Online fundraising for The Home That Cures Addiction

Please help Hauser & Lee Insurance Services raise money for this life-changing recovery center. Your donation will change the lives of a family forever.

Click the DONATE NOW button below to make a difference in a child's life!

The Hauser & Lee Insurance Services wants to thank you in advance for your donation in helping these families have a bright future.


To help Magnolia Women's Recovery Program, refer a friend to our agency and we'll donate $10 on your behalf, or make a charitable donation here.


Darrell Lee
Hauser & Lee Insurance Services


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